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Wings and Feet on the Star Deck


The air was heavy and still while the warmed scent of an afternoon in the wild settled heavily on the Stargazing Deck at Mahoora Safari Camps in Yala. I propped my feet up on a beanbag and let the lazy afternoon lull me into a state of moody happiness. The air was alive with butterflies and beetles. My beer started to sweat as the day grew hotter and more bugs wandered into the Deck for shade and, quite possibly, to keep me from napping by mildly annoying me. This was achieved by flying at 40 mph into various parts of my body. Little did they know it was oddly welcoming as it resulted in the most unorthodox massage which, no doubt, made its way into an anecdote over cocktails served at Mahoora’s iconic 7-course dinner in the wild.
I soon realised this was merely Act I of their perfectly coordinated performance. Neatly lined on the banister was the beginning of Act II: so you think you can dance. Little wings and legs from beetles and butterflies collided with each other, almost earnestly, as they dismounted from the banister with grace and landed mid-air on another insect with, well, less grace. This dance lasted till sundown, at least for me, as I had to head back to my tented accommodation for a flashlight. I didn’t expect to be out this late and entertained this greatly by bugs on a misadventure of sorts, but, in hindsight, I’m glad they kept me from what could only be a boring afternoon nap.

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