• Safari in Sri Lanka with Mahoora

Carbon Neutral Safari Camp Sri Lanka

We have developed and marketed the first of its kind carbon neutral holidays to our customers. Our strategy can be separated into two stages. Firstly, we audit our own operational carbon footprint, which is negligible compared to other similar upmarket accommodation providers and then measure the client carbon footprint when staying with us, taking into account their travel and time spent within our facilities.

We then offset their carbon footprint and our own operational footprint, enabling us to remain carbon neutral as an organisation. We in turn enable the customer to have no carbon footprint in the component that we provide in their holidays.

We have purchased a bank of UN certified carbon credits or CERs (Certified Emissions Reductions) and hold it in one of the carbon registries. We have ensured that the credits we have purchased have an ethical value addition. For example, the project activity that produced the credits will be from an activity that has enhanced communities or the environment, as opposed to the destruction of industrial gases. We are retiring the credits in blocks of 10 tonnes of carbon (10 credits at a time).