Minneriya National Park Elephant Spotting

This collection of pictures, taken by Mahoora naturalist Thilanka Bodhikotuwa, gives you an insight into what it is to see these majestic giants in a large mega-herd. There is a saying in Sri Lanka that roughly translates to “You can never get tired of watching elephants”. Almost everyone travelling to Minneriya will agree.

One of the events that caught Thilanka’s eye is an on-going fight between two male elephants, one of them a tusker. This kind of behaviour might seem unnecessary, but it is an important part of elephant evolution, as the dominant males get chosen by females to create the next generation of pachyderms.

A Mahoora Safari to Minneriya National Park will take you to the centre of the action. Our Jeeps will take you very close to where the elephants can be seen, and our professional guides will ensure that you have the best elephant viewing experience in the world.