Frequented , Popular Parks
Yala - Udawalawe - Wilpattu
Less Frequented , Exclusive Locations 
Bundala - Galoya - Kumana - Minneriya - Wasgamuwa


Mahoora Tented Safari Camps (Yala – Udawalawe– Wilpattu)



MAHOORA TENTED SAFARI CAMPS provides spacious tented accommodation. They are divided into two categories as MAHOORA ELITE & MAHOORA EXPLORER.


MAHOORA ELITE is set with a touch of luxury, providing more space for guests who prefer comfort during their stay. The spacious tent (32’x10.8’) is equipped with a bedroom, living area, and an en-suite bathroom. There is a small veranda area just outside the tent. The whole tent, including the washroom, is carpeted wall-to-wall. The windows are covered with attractive curtains. These tents are provided only at Yala, Udawalawe, and Wilpattu campsites.


MAHOORA EXPLORER is preferred by guests who are looking for satisfying comfort with nature. The tent (16’x10.8’) is equipped with a bedroom and an en-suite bathroom along with a private veranda/porch outside the tent.


Your stay in a Mahoora Tented Safari Camp is completely carbon neutral.

Children of all ages are welcome at Mahoora.




We are happy to indulge our guests in experiencing a few features as value additions, entirely free. These options will help our guests learn more about nature and people, or bask in comfort and relaxation. The below mentioned options will be provided for guests who stay with us for 2 nights or more. The value addition facilities we can provide are 


  • Night walk
  • Walk along the border lands of the national parks and meet the Chena Men
  • Mahoora night drives
  • Mahoora Chef in the Wild; an experience in cooking a Sri Lankan dish
  • Mahoora Happy Feet: A warm water foot therapy after a Safari
  • Dine inside the park on a full day safari
  • “Painters paradise”; Bring the painter in you to light    


Mahoora Experience


Sri Lanka Safari with Mahoora Tented Safari Camps

Located in strategic and advantageous locations, mostly alongside the boundaries of national parks, Mahoora brings you a world class, "pack in - pack out" all-inclusive private tented safari camp experience. All our Sri Lanka safari adventures are conducted in special custom-made jeeps exclusive to Mahoora, and will always be accompanied by a professional naturalist…

Day & night treks, all drinks including wine and beer; all meals with signature
dishes plus many other value additions are included free in your intimate Elite Mahoora tented safari camp experience.

Mahoora carbon neutral tented safaris have been providing the best wildlife camping experience in Sri Lanka since 1998.


 Mahoora Experience

Sri Lanka's first bush-walks camp - Ahaspokuna