Explorer by Mahoora on Wheels 

Who says you can’t have luxuries in the wild or enjoy exquisite home comforts while in the thick shrubs of the local wilderness? 

Sleep safely in the utmost comfort and step out into the national park with wild animals roaming around the site where you are based. 

This gives a whole new meaning of being driven to  your “exclusive hotel room” in the jungle, with the confidence of all your homely necessities packed in the spacious caravan / motorhome. 

In most of the national parks this could be the only way to live and experience real wilderness, by living in the heart of them - unless you book Explorer by Mahoora “on-ground” camp or Explorer by Mahoora - Lite. 

This experience is combined with two guided jeep safaris [ one evening safari and one morning safari ] deep into the national parks to explore the wild habitats of the residents, such as Sloth Bears, Leopards, Elephants, etc. 

All your meals / snacks /  wine & beer are also included in the price. 


  • Yala 
  • Uda Walawe
  • Wilpattu


Explorer by Mahoora - Lite 

Explorer by Mahoora Lite concept is created with a Camp-let [ trailer tent ] created with a view to enjoy the great outdoors in close contact with nature without foregoing a kitchen, beds, a living area, storage for luggage, etc

In English, Camp-let means “camp easily” and that’s exactly what a Camp-let trailer tent allows you to do. It’s easy to put up and takes very little of your time. Besides you have our team to help you out or to do it for you entirely. 

Our Camp-let is compact when folded up and packed away, yet spacious when put up. It has a unique style and look, and is available to accompany you on your magnificent outdoor adventures into Sri Lankan wilderness.

As this concept is with lesser frills we are able to offer more competitive rates than the standard Explorer by Mahoora product. 

This experience is combined with two guided jeep safaris [ one evening safari and one morning safari ] in the national park you are staying in to explore the wild habitats of the residents such as the Sloth Bears, Leopards, Elephants and many other mammals & reptiles as well as magnificent birds Sri Lanka is famous for.

All your meals / snacks /  wine & beer are included in the package. 


Gal Oya National Park

Divided between an evergreen forest and a dusty savannah, you are invited to live amongst swimming elephants and elusive leopards, plus, over 180 other species of mammals and birds. Besides the wildlife, Gal Oya is home to an old Veddha clan. Veddhas are the indigenous people of Sri Lanka and this tribe still lives in the Nilgala area of the Gal Oya National Park.

Wasgamuwa National Park

Living in the Mahoora on wheels in Wasgamuwa National Park is refreshing to both the body and soul. The campsite itself is located by the side of a gently flowing stream which creates a genuinely therapeutic effect that carries away any feeling of fatigue. Trees of varied heights and sizes are a wonderful setting for an artist's masterpiece. They are also home and playground to numerous bird species, as they melodiously sing away.

Maduru Oya National Park

The park designated in 1983 provides a sanctuary for elephants and protects the immediate catchments of five reservoirs.  Large herds of elephants roaming in the park tend to be hidden by the seven feet tall guinea grass. The reservoir that spreads seamlessly reflect the clear blue skies and by evening it simmers with hues of pinks and purples.   Our guests get a real-life experience; up close and personal with wildlife in this Park.It is impossible not to fall in love with this place; wildlife sightings are near and never too far. The afternoons are serene as you watch the world go by in silence, herds of elephants appear on the sides of the banks slowly pushing their weight through the thick forest into the open space. 

Kumana National Park

Mahoora on wheels is a highly unique and immersive experience of living with untamed Sri Lankan wildlife inside National Parks and Nature Reserves across the country. Our Private Tented Safari Camp Experience in Kumana isolates you in the wetlands surrounded by dry tropical thorn forest. Surrounded by 20 plus lagoons and tanks contributing to fascinating bird life, you are likely to find yourself smitten by the beauty of the park and its diversity including the elusive leopard, sloth bear and the elephants who roam around.

Bundala National Park

Covering an area of just more than 6,200 hectares, the Bundala National Park is located in the southern district of Hambantota in Sri Lanka. It falls within the dry zone and its climate can be described as hot and arid. The vegetation is predominantly of a dry thorny scrubland variety which provides a natural barrier to the wind and the terrain is flat with sand dunes that border the coastline. The Park features a series of lagoons which are an important habitat for wintering water birds. It is due to this fact that Bundala was declared Sri Lanka's first Ramsar wetland. 

The best time to visit the Bundala National Park is between August and April when shore bird numbers can reach as high as 20,000.

Sinharaja Rain Forest

This rainforest is intrinsically linked to the legends of the first Sri Lankans - in fact the name Sinharaja derives from the Sinhalese ‘kingdom of the lion’. It is said that the Sinhalese race was born out of the union of the princessa nd the lion king and it is believed that they had lived in Sinharaja itself.

Dambana Indigenous Community Village

Mahoora on wheels is a highly unique and immersive experience of living with untamed Sri Lankan wildlife inside National Parks and Nature Reserves across the country. Our Private Tented Safari Camp Experience in Dambana escapes you from modern times to live amongst the traditions of indigenous people of Sri Lanka.

Knuckles Nature Reserve

Mahoora on Wheels Experience in the Knuckles Mountain range is a surreal escape from city life - to live and breath the fresh mountain air. Set amongst a canopy of tall trees, the Reserve hides the sharp rays of the sun, giving a sense of privacy and seclusion. As the rain spatters, at times tropical downpours, you will hear a melody of songs from frogs that were in hiding.



  • Two Half-Day Safaris Or a Full Day Safari
  • Meals / BBQ dinner
  • All beverages and snacks
  • Dedicated Helper 

SHOWER [ indoor / outdoor] : YES


Mahoora Mobile Tented Safari Camps offer you the chance to experience an adventure which will dazzle, inspire and astonish. 
Choose from many locations and enjoy them with a team of individuals who set the benchmark for safari camping in Sri Lanka.


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