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Dambana Sri Lanka Tented Safari Camps

The Dambana Vedda village is home to the last remaining tribe of the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. The Veddas still practice age old traditions and ways of life and are primarily a hunter-gatherer race. Their ancestry can be traced as far back as 18000 BC. The Dambana Vedda village provides interesting insights into how early man survived along with a deeper understanding of a culture so old, to which its people still remain strongly tied.

Sri Lanka’s indigenous people at the Dambana Vedda village

Dambana Veddah Village Sri LankaJoining the Veddas of Sri Lanka in their village gives visitors a unique opportunity to get a firsthand experience of the Vedda culture which remains relatively untarnished by modern technology and commercialization. The Veddas are devoted to their traditions and visitors get to meet with Uruwarige Wanniyaleththo, Chief of the Veddas. According to tribe rules, visitors cannot participate in communal activities without his permission. Once it is granted, close observation of Vedda culture is possible, as is participation in some of their activities.

Being privy to a culture that is thousands of years old and now facing the threat of extinction is a truly special experience - one that you would undoubtedly want to immerse yourself in wholeheartedly. And with Mahoora tented camps you can do just that. Mahoora tented camps are set up in the forest that borders the Dambana Village as outsiders are prohibited from living with the tribe. You also minimize on your travel time in and out of the village. However if you prefer accommodation at a hotel nearby just let us know and we can arrange that for you as well.



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