Mahoora Mobile Tented Camps Wasgamuwa Sri Lanka

The Wasgamuwa National Park derives its name from the once prevalent Sri Lankan Sloth Bear population (a recognized subspecies of the Sloth Bear). It is considered the National Park in Sri Lanka with the most to offer in terms of biodiversity of both fauna and flora. Though the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear is now highly threatened with less than 1,000 numbers surviving, a safari drive through the Wasgamuwa National Park may very well mean that you will spot one in its natural habitat.

A wildlife safari at the Wasgamuwa National Park provides several options to delight every wildlife enthusiast. Choose from abundant bird life, Sri Lankan Elephants, Sri Lankan Sloth Bears, Sri Lankan Leopards and much more as you drive around inside this nature reserve.

At the Wasgamuwa National Park, you will see ancient man-made tanks, where birds gather and bigger game come to feed. Large numbers of peacocks roam free throughout the Park. Often spotted are large herds of deer and buffalo and Sri Lankan Elephants (a recognized subspecies of the Asian elephant). There are a number of elephants residing in the park, although not confined to its borders. They are often seen wandering across the protected corridor to the nearby Flood Plains National Park.  With its natural water boundaries, it is reported that Wasgamuwa has perhaps the most wildlife in the country in terms of diversity, but due to the sheer size of the Park the most commonly observed are the elephants. The elephants at Wasgamuwa are rather unlike the ones seen at the Yala National Park, as they are not as used to safari jeeps and this provides fantastic opportunities to observe the purely wild and completely undomesticated behaviour of these animals.

The best way to experience a wildlife safari is to stay as close as you can to the Park. This allows you to cut down on travel time, maximizing the wildlife that you can see in one day, and also to experience nature at its finest. The Mahoora tented camps experience can provide you with just that, especially near Parks like Wasgamuwa which are large and reaching core areas can take more time. Tented camps are accommodation options rather unlike anything a hotel can offer. However, if you would prefer traditional hotel style accommodation, just let us know and we can arrange it for you.



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