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Family Packages And Child Friendliness


Is the camp child friendly?

Our Camp is very much child friendly. We provide items such as cots based on prior request. We have specialised menus for children. We have a number of activities for children including: nature walks, treasure hunts, painting, reading and many opportunities to learn and explore the wilderness. Family Safaris are designed to make a family’s stay a memorable and exciting experience.

How many people can accommodate a family tent?

We can accommodate up to 5 people in a family tent.
Mahoora Elite Tent

Mahoora Elite Tent can hold a maximum of 3 additional beds.
One in the main bedroom tent and two others in the front extension (living area).

Mahoora Premium Tent

The tent can hold one extra bed.

Can baby food be kept in the tent?

We do not encourage our guests to keep food of any sort including packed/ canned items as these may attract insects, rodents, etc., into the tented accommodation. However we are able to assist our guests by keeping the food items in our camp kitchen refrigerator.

Have you got a Kids’ Menu?

Yes we do have a Kids’ Menu that is specially designed for young children. Please request at the Campsite or let us know in advance while booking.

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