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Do wild animals visit the campsites ?

Our camps are located on the borders of the National Parks and in the midst of wildlife. Naturally, you will be living amongst many bird species, grey langurs, etc., Occasionally, the larger species such as elephants, leopards, have been spotted on the borders. Our staff is experienced and trained to handle such situations in the wild.

Is malaria a risk in Sri Lanka?

Malaria was formerly a serious problem, but the World Health Organisation declared Sri Lanka malaria-free in 2016. Doctors presently advise that antimalarial drugs are not necessary.

What is dengue fever?

It is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Since there is no vaccine against dengue, avoiding mosquito bites is the only means of prevention.

How can I prevent insect/ mosquito bites?

More coverage of the body (long length and long sleeved clothing) does help curtail getting stung by mosquitoes. You may bring your own insect repellents. There are local insect repellents available in supermarkets and pharmacies which can all be bought as over the counter products. The locally available ayurvedic balms and Citronella oil are quite effective in taking the itch out of mosquito bites and preventing them.

Do you have trained medical personnel to provide emergency first aid?

Members of our staff are trained in providing first aid. We have first aid kits on site and have organised stand by transport to medical facilities including hospitals closest to the location.

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