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Wildlife Tours in Sri Lanka


A private wildlife tour,covering Sri Lanka's 'Big Five': Leopard, Sloth Bear, Elephant, Blue & Sperm Whale, for 1303 USD per person, with overnight stays at carefully selected accommodations. All breakfasts, two lunch, five dinners, scheduled safaris/walks with naturalists and a chauffeur provided.


A wonderful private wildlife holiday which offers cosy accommodations situated close to nature, and most of the country's "must see" wildlife highlights including its 'Big Five' with safaris and walks conducted by some of Sri Lanka's finest naturalists.

Experience the splendour of Blue Whales and Sperm Whales with an awe-inspiring whale watching tour in Mirissa. Sri Lanka is known for being one of the best locations to spot these beautiful mammals of the ocean and will set the perfect backdrop to get your adventure under way.

Visit the historic Galle Fort during your stay here, where you can learn more about Sri Lanka's colonial history and explore one of the country's best-known architectural highlights.

After that, go on safari at the Yala National Park which is known for being the best location to photograph and film the regal Sri Lankan Leopard. You will get to observe a range of animals including elephants and sloth bears as well as endemic, resident and migratory bird species. Go on a night walk along the border to see some of the park's natural nightlife too.

Then it's off to Udawalawe, another one of Sri Lanka's well-known National Parks, where playful elephant herds and endemic birdlife is abundant.

You even have the option of visiting Sri Lanka's 'Gem City', Ratnapura, on your way back to Colombo.You can rest and relax at a serene hotel in the city before your transfer to the airport for your flight back home, bringing to an end an unforgettable holiday which will undoubtedly hold ample memories.



Day 01 : Airport –Mirissa[D]

Upon your arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport, you will be greeted by your chauffeur and transferred to Mirissa. We have organised dinner and an overnight stay at the elegant Imagine Villa Hotel where you can relax and recuperate after your journey. Spend your first day enjoying the comforts of this exotic, colonial-style hotel and relax on the beautiful golden beach which the hotel overlooks.

Day 02 : Mirissa[B/D]

You have an early start on Day 2, as you will be taken to the Mirissa Harbour by 6.15am to go whale watching (Season is from November to April) in order to catch a glimpse of the majestic Blue Whales and Sperm Whales, two of Sri Lanka's 'Big Five'. Sri Lanka is located within the International Whaling Commission's protected zone in the Indian Ocean while 26 of the identified cetacean species are found in the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Sri Lanka's southern coast is among the best locations in the world to see Blue Whales and boasts the longest Blue Whale season which falls during their annual migratory route from the Horn of Africa to the Arabian Sea. In the evening, you will be taken to the archaeological and architectural heritage monument, the Galle Fort, which was first build by the Portuguese colonists in 1587 and extensively fortified by the Dutch in the 17th century. Dinner and your overnight stay will be back at the Imagine Villa Hotel.

Day 03 : Mirissa- Yala[B/D]

You will be taken for one last whale watching tour before your transfer to Yala. You can check in at the Big Game Camp in Yala and enjoy a wildlife adventure with an evening safari of the famous Yala National Park, which is commonly regarded as one of the best places to spot leopards, a favourite amongst the 'Big Five'. Male leopards in the Yala National Park are bold and unafraid of safari jeeps and this offers visitors the perfect opportunity to photograph and film them. Dinner and an overnight stay has been organised at the Big Game Camp located on the borders of the park where you will enjoy the finest tented camping experience.

Day 04 : Yala[B/L/D]

Enjoy a full-day safari in the dazzling Yala National Park,which spans a vast 97,878 hectares, where you can see wild elephantsand herds of water buffalo grazing by watering holes strewn throughout the park and catch a glimpse of the Sri Lanka Sloth Bear, another principal feature of the five. Yala is also known for being one of the best parks for bird-enthusiasts with its various habitats which boast an array of endemic and resident birds. The country's largest bird, the Lesser Adjutant, has been often spotted in the park among a host of other exotic birds. A night walk will also be included with the guidance of an expert naturalist.

Day 05 : Udawalawe[B/L/D]

You will be transferred to Udawalawe where after lunchyou will go on an evening safari at the Udawalawe National Park, which is famous for being home to approximately 600 resident elephants, which will be the main focus of the 'Big Five'. You could also see water buffalo, water monitor lizards, sambar deer, monkeys and the occasional leopard. Dinner and your overnight stay has been organised at the Big Game Tented Camp in Udawalawe where you can enjoy the comforts of the tented campsite while being close to nature.

Day 06 : Udawalawe–Colombo [B]

Another early-morning safari has been organised for you at the National Park. The park is also renowned for its species of gorgeous birds including the Red Faced Malkoha, Serpent Eagles, Hawk Eagles, White Bellied Sea Eagles, Black Eagles, Black Capped Bulbuls, Racket Tailed Drongos and peacocks. The park also boasts a healthy list of migratory birds including the Forest Wagtails, Indian Pitta, Whiskered Terns and Osprey Sand Pipers. Head back to the camp for breakfast after which you will be taken back to Colombo. You have the option of visiting Ratnapura, 'the Gem City', en route while an overnight stay has been organised at the Lake Lodge in Colombo.

Day 07 : Colombo – Departure

On the final day you will be transferred to the Bandaranaike International Airport in time for your flight, bringing your exotic Sri Lankan wildlife experience to an end.


Sri Lanka Wildlife Holidays


A comprehensive, high-end wildlife holiday in Sri Lanka for 3026 USD per person with overnight stays at luxurious tented camp accommodations. All-inclusive accommodation for 8days, Breakfast for rest of the 2 days,all scheduled safaris and walks with naturalists included.



A private wildlife holiday with all-inclusive Mahoora elite tented camp accommodations and Sri Lanka’s must-see ‘Big Five’: leopard, Sloth Bear, elephant, Blue and Sperm Whale.The tour includes safaris and walks conducted with the best naturalists in the country.

We offer a luxurious Sri Lankan wildlife adventure where you can visit four of its renowned national parks; Wilapttu, Udawalawe, YalaandBundalaas well as The Elephant Transit Home. Wilpattu is important for its undisturbed sightings of leopards and sloth bears while Udawalawe is known for its herds of Asian Elephants and Yala for being undoubtedly the world’s best place for leopards.

The tour includes a day walk and two night walks to get you up close and personal with sights and sounds that cannot be enjoyed from a jeep.

We offer the world’s first carbon-neutral “Pack in and Pack out” luxury tented safari operation -Mahoora for this tour. Choosing Mahoora will guarantee you a world-class mobile, tented safari experience and also make a direct contribution towards our conservation efforts aimed at protecting Sri Lanka’s natural habitats and endangered species in addition to uplifting rural community tourism initiatives.

The camps are located along the boundaries of the parks and are set up with mobile safari tents that feature a fully-equipped kitchen, dining areas, hammocks, flushable toilets and showers.

Your meals will be freshly prepared at the camps, in a fully-equipped kitchen.Enjoy exclusive menus designed by culinary experts with delicious barbecue dinners in amagical setting with a glass of wine or beer from our well-stocked bar.

The campsite is illuminated by traditional flame torches with a roaring campfire providing the perfect ambience for an amazing meal. Sit back and relax in the lap of luxury and let our experienced staff cater to your every need.


Day 01 : Airport- Wilpattu (All-inclusive)

Upon your arrival in Colombo, rendezvous with your personal chauffeur/guide for a private transfer to the Wilpattu National Park to begin the first part of your adventure. Appropriate meals and refreshments will await you at the campsite depending on your time of arrival. You can meet with your designated naturalist to discuss a suitable plan for the rest of the day as well as the rest of your two-day stay at the park. You can even do a wilderness walk with your naturalist if time permits before an overnight stay at the Mahoora Tented Safari Camp.

Day 02 : Wilpattu(All-inclusive)

Enjoy a full-day safari at the Wilpattu National Park which is the oldest and largest national wildlife park in Sri Lanka and home to an array of unique species of flora and fauna including the famed Sri Lankan Leopards and Sloth Bears.We will serve a fully-serviced lunch within the park premises after which you can relax in the comfy hammocks that we have set up for you or have a detailed discussion with your naturalist to learn more about the wildlife that you encounter. In the evening, we will take you on another safari within the park before you head back to the comfort of the campsite.

Day 03 : Wilpattu(All-inclusive)

You will start your adventure at the break of day with an early safari inclusive of a charming picnic breakfast. The Wilpattu National Park offers you the opportunity to film and photograph the Sri Lankan Leopard, the largest species of leopard living in Asia. These glorious beasts are often seen lying beside the Park’s many villus. You may even catch a glimpse of the endangered Sloth Bears, most commonly seen during the fruiting season of the Palu Tree between June and July.After that, you can enjoy another fully-serviced lunch at the park. We have also organised an optional night walk with the resident naturalist of the camp where we will attempt to seek out owls, Gray Slender Loris, Ring-Tailed Civet Cats, Rusty Spotted Cats,Golden Palm Civet Cats, chameleonsand many other nocturnal species.

Day 04 : Wilpattu - Colombo Airport -Mattala – Udawalawe(All-inclusive)

Following breakfast at the campsite, you will be taken to the Colombo airport where you will board a flight to Mattala. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by the naturalist designated for the Udawalawe leg of your tour, who will then transfer you to the UdawalaweMahoora Tented Camp. When you arrive in Udawalawe, your naturalist will take you on an evening walk in the neighbouring village where you can learn about the way of life of the local farming communities and their encounters with the wildlife. We have organised your overnight stays at the luxurious MahooraTented Camp.

Day 05 : Udawalawe(All-inclusive)

Enjoy a morning safari at the Udawalawe National Park which spans approximately 31,000 hectares and is located in the southern dry zone. Itis the only place in the world where an elephant sighting is guaranteed on every single safari drive. After our morning safari we will take you to the Elephant Transit Home where abandoned, injured or orphaned elephants are taken in, treated and then released back into the wild. Here, you will be able to observe these magnificent creatures at a safe distance as human contact needs to be minimal. After a late lunch back at the camp an optional evening birding trail can be organised with the guidance of the resident naturalist.

Day 06 : Udawalawe – Yala(All-inclusive)

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Yala. Here, you will spend your final three nights at the comfy tented camp we have set up bordering the Yala National Park, which is home to a range of ecosystems found nowhere else in Sri Lanka. Go on an evening safari at the park which boasts the largest density of leopards in the world. With a density of one leopard per square mile, Yala is known as one of the best places on earth to film and photograph these regal beasts.

Day 07 : Yala(All-inclusive)

Another full-day safari has been organised where you will be able to see the variety of habitats that this unique park has to offer with a host of endemic plant and animal species on display. The park boasts 44 species of recorded mammals, 215 species of birds, 46 species of reptiles and 21 species of amphibians. Lunch will be served in a suitable location within the park.After dinner,a walk with your resident naturalist along the park borders will open the doors for you to catch a glimpse of the park’s nightlife. Then return to the comfort and luxury of your camp to recharge your batteries.

Day 08 : Yala (All-inclusive)

We have two safaris lined up for you on this day and this time you have full control. You can either spend the whole day in Yala or spend half of the day at the Bundala National Park in the southern district of Hambantota. The Bundala National Park has been acknowledged as an Important Bird Area (IBA) for its 197 recorded bird species and is also the only national park where you can see both marsh and estuarine crocodiles on the same safari drive.

Day 09 : Yala–Galle  [B]       

You will be transferred to Sri Lanka’s southern capital of Galle. This prominent port city is richly influenced by colonial architecture having being one of the most important strategic locations fortified by the colonists. Explore the multi-cultural and historic attractions of the city including the Galle Fort, first built by the Portuguese and then extensively fortified in the 17th century by the Dutch. It is also the largest remaining fortress built by European occupiers in the Asian region. Then relax with an overnight stay at the tranquil and luxurious Fortress Resort and Spa.

Day 10 :  Airport or extend your tour (B)

An optional early-morning whale watching tour is also available in the world’s best waters for Blue Whales (November to March). After breakfast on the final day, or after your optional whale watching tour, you will be transferred to the Katunayake International Airport for your flight back to bring your lavish adventure to an end. You can also choose our suggested tour extensions or a custom extension to suit your needs.


Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours with Mahoora

Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours



A comprehensive, comfortably phased wildlife tour in Sri Lanka for 2298 USD per person with overnight stays at handpicked wilderness accommodations.  All breakfasts, five lunches, seven dinners, scheduled safaris, walks with naturalists and dedicated chauffeur included. Also available as a private tour.


An unhurried but comprehensive wildlife holiday with select accommodations situated close to nature, with all the important wildlife highlights in Sri Lanka. Safaris and walks are conducted with some of the top naturalists in the country.

Once you arrive in Sri Lanka, you will get a taste of its stunning beaches with an overnight stay at the Ranweli Holiday Village in Waikkal, a short drive north from the airport. You can enjoy a quiet birding boat trail to explore the surrounding environs.

Your first transfer will be to the Wilpattu National Park where you will go on safaris and night walks to spot exotic species of animals. Get your first taste of Big Game Tented Camping on the outskirts of the park which will be a feature throughout the tour.

We will whisk you away to the hill capital of Kandy which is a transit location but serves up some of the best cultural and historical attractions. Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic and soak in the unique culture of this city.

The Udawalawe National Park is next on the list as it offers visitors the best chance to see Asian elephants in the wild. Warm your heart with a visit to the Elephant Transit Home where some of the less fortunate elephants are rehabilitated and released.

Then it’s on to the Yala National Park with a quick stopover at Bundala, which is famous for its exotic bird population including the majestic Greater Flamingos. Yala is considered the best place in the world to see the Sri Lankan leopard as well as Sloth Bears.

A couple of days in Mirissa would do wonderfully before your flight back home as it affords you some time to unwind and reflect. Go on a whale watching tour to see Blue and Sperm Whales and enjoy the golden beaches on offer in this coastal town in the south of Sri Lanka.


Day 01 : Airport –Waikkal(B)

Your chauffeur will meet you at the Bandaranaike International Airport upon your arrival and drive you to your hotel. Dinner and an overnight stay have been organised at the Ranweli Holiday Village situated just a short 45 minute drive away from the airport. Depending on your time of arrival you can spend the rest of the day enjoying this beautiful beachside resort. The hotel offers traditional ayurvedic massages which you could opt to have. Lounge on the beach and soak up the sun at this tranquil resort to get rid of your travel weariness.

Day 02 : Waikkal –Wilpattu (B/D)

Enjoy a peaceful birding boat trail along the waterways near your hotel in the morning. Learn about the unique ecosystem that surround this tranquil area and explore the awe-inspiring mangroves that serve as a home to a number of species of birds, amphibians and reptiles. Discover a dazzling array of indigenous aquatic and terrestrial plants. You will then be transferred to the Big Game Camp in Wilpattu which shoulders the national park. Go on an evening safari at the less-frequented Wilpattu National Park and get your wildlife adventure off to a rewarding start. Dinner and an overnight stay has been organised at the Big Game Tented Camp.

Day 03 : Wilpattu (B/L/D)

A full-day safari with a packed breakfast and lunch has been organised for you. The Wilpattu National Park is the oldest and largest national wildlife park in the country and gives visitors the chance to spot the elusive Sri Lankan leopard. The Sri Lanka Sloth Bear has also become a highlight of the park and is commonly seen during the Palu season from June to July. After dinner you have the option of taking a night walk with the resident naturalist where you will learn about the park’s nocturnal animals. Ring-tailed Civet Cats, Rusty-spotted Cats, Gray Slender Lorises, owls and chameleons are some of the highlights on this trail.

Day 04 : Wilpattu(B/L/D)

Another full-day safari with a packed breakfast and lunch has been organised for you on day 4. Enjoy the various species of animals that call this special wildlife park their home. Due to the fact that the park was closed to visitors for an extended period of time, it holds some of its virgin appeal which has become a part of its special charm. This national park has 31 species of mammals including elephants, water buffalo and Sambar deer. It is also a safe haven for several species of endemic, resident and migratory birds such as the Sri Lanka Junglefowl, Painted Stork and White Ibis.

Day 05 : Wilpattu– Kandy(B)

Following an early breakfast, you will be transferred to the hill capital of Kandy as a transit destination. Kandy is a city steeped in history and culture which holds a special religious significance to Buddhists. Explore some of the city’s many tourist attractions including the Temple of the Tooth Relic which houses the relic of the tooth of Lord Buddha. An overnight stay has been organised at the serene Samadhi Centre, situated away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. Between August and September, you will be transferred instead to Habarana where you can enjoy an evening safari at the Minneriya National Park where ‘The Gathering’ of elephants is considered the largest seasonally recurring concentration of wild elephants found in the world.

Day 06 : Kandy (B)

A morning nature trail has been organised for you on Day 6 while you have the option of enjoying some of the Samadhi Centre’s more indulgent services. This includes a traditional ayurvedic treatment which will reinvigorate you and relieve you of any fatigue. These indigenous treatment methods have been passed down from generation to generation and are an integral part of Sri Lankan culture. This tranquil hotel is the perfect place to recharge and prepare for the next phase of your wildlife adventure.

Day 07 : Kandy –Udawalawe(B/D)    

On day 7 you will be transferred to Udawalawe which is a 5 to 6 hour drive. You will leave early to visit the Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe which plays a vital role in the elephant conservation effort. Abandoned, injured or orphaned elephants are rehabilitated and released back into the wild at the transit home. You will be able to observe these wonderful creatures from a safe distance as it is priority to limit human contact. Dinner and an overnight stay has been organised at the Big Game Tented Camp bordering the Udawalawe National Park which offers an authentic Sri Lankan tented camp experience.

Day 08 : Udawalawe (B/L/D)

You will be taken on a morning safari at the Udawalawe National Park which is the only place in the world where an elephant sighting is guaranteed on every drive. Herds of about 50 to 100 elephants are often seen grazing within this park’s boundaries which make it one of the best places to observe these beasts. Udawalawe is also a birding hotspot with 183 species of beautiful birds. Following the safari, you will be taken on a walk along the park’s border with your naturalist for an intimate experience with the surrounding wildlife. An evening safari is optional before dinner back at the campsite.

Day 09 : Udawalawe – Bundala – Yala(B/L/D)        

You will be transferred to the Bundala National Park with a packed breakfast. This national park is an internationally important wintering ground for migratory birds and harbours 197 species of birds. The park is also famous for large crocodiles and aquatic birds but the main attraction is the Greater Flamingo that migrates in large flocks. It is also among the four UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Sri Lanka making it a must-see wildlife destination. Then, you will be taken to Yala for lunch while an evening safari has been organised for you at the Yala National Park. Your overnight stay will be at the Big Game Tented Camp in Yala which will ensure you never feel far away from nature.

Day 10 : Yala(B/L/D)        

The Yala National Park is one of the most celebrated wildlife parks in Sri Lanka and is simply the best place in the world to spot leopards. With a leopard density of one leopard per square kilometre, this park is the ideal location in which to film and photograph these regal wildcats. A full-day safari has been organised for you to explore the inner-workings of this nature-lover’s paradise. Head back to the campsite for dinner and another overnight stay. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can do another night walk in search of elephants, owls and toddy cats.

Day 11 : Yala – Mirissa(B)        

You will leave Yala and head down south to the coastal town of Mirissa. Sri Lanka is renowned for its golden beaches and its clear blue oceans. Mirissa offers some of the best beaches in the country for you to lounge on while soaking up the sun. You will be staying at the beachside Imagine Villa Hotel which is situated close to the Mirissa beach. A couple of days of indulgence begins right here.

Day 12 : Mirissa(B)        

Between November and March you can enjoy a whale watching tour early morning. You will be taken to the Mirissa harbour by 6.15 a.m. for this expedition. Sri Lanka’s waters are known to be the best for watching Blue Whales and Sperm Whales who swim to their feeding grounds between the Horn of Africa and the Bay of Bengal. Following this tour you can visit the Galle Fort which was first built by the Portuguese and then later fortified extensively by the Dutch colonists in the 17th century. It is considered an archaeological and architectural heritage monument. Then, head back to the Imagine Villa Hotel for your overnight stay.

Day 13 : Mirissa    (B)

This day will be all about relaxation. Indulge yourself in a full day of lounging on the sandy beaches of Mirissa and catching a wave or two in its inviting ocean. Refresh your body, mind and soul with an uninterrupted day of rest to grant yourself some respite from the unforgettable adventures of your previous tour days.

Day 14 : Mirissa – Airport     

On the last day of the tour, you will be transported back to the airport in time to catch your flight back home. Take back with you two weeks of unforgettable memories and cherished experiences gained along a measured and well-paced tour of Sri Lanka’s wildlife highlights.