• Experience more sightings and value additions but lesser crowds at Mahoora Yala National Park - Sri Lanka
    Experience more sightings and value additions but lesser crowds.

Mahoora Elite Package in Yala

A “Living Experience” curated from arrival to departure loaded with value additions plus

Mahoora Elite in Yala spans 10-acres of private dry zone forest, bordering the elephant fence of the Yala National Park itself. The campsite includes a picturesque pond with tall reeds and pathways overwhelmed with giant squirrels, birds, butterflies, and reptiles… including a visiting crocodile.

Apart from experiencing and living in Sri Lanka’s Largest Safari Tent, enjoy the campsite’s other highlights which includes the Recreation Lounge & Common Area, and Stargazing Observation Deck overlooking Yala National Park.

A bespoke adventure awaits you at Mahoora Tented Safari Camps Yala, one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic wildlife zones bordering the Yala National Park.

Living Experience
Safari & Game Drives

Unique Advantages of Mahoora Elite – Yala

Mahoora luxury tented safari camp interior

Proximity and Location Advantages

The Mahoora Tented Safari Camp Yala is located bordering the Yala National Park with a 20 minute drive to the Parkʼs less frequented ticket office at Katagamuwa. This saves significantly on your travel time (traveling back and forth from the park) in addition to saving valuable safari time. We could be the first group to go in and the last to come out. This route to the park entrance is interestingly done through a sanctuary and we frequently experience having very good sightings on this stretch too. As we are located adjacent to the Parkʼs boundary, it feels more like living inside the park. There is plenty of wildlife within the campsite which is managed as a mini nature reserve where we have even occasionally experienced seeing elephants and leopards. Our strategic location gives us easy access to the two lesser frequented blocks of Yala National Park that have great sightings, which we patronise with 2 or more nights stay guests.

Our safari camp is located on the eastern border of Yala National Park, neighboring a village with local residents to the west. There are farmlands and a few guest houses to the north and south. While the surroundings are generally quiet, you may occasionally hear the sounds of a religious ceremony or a local gathering from a distance, especially if loudspeakers are being used. This is part of the local culture, and we appreciate your understanding. The camp has a supply of earplugs available upon request in such situations.

Safari Photograph Capturing on Wild

Mahoora Safari Leverage

Every logistical detail is important to us; to ensure that your safari time is optimised. We donʼt go to the most “popular” but crowded gate. Our usual entrance to the Yala National Park is via the less crowded Katagamuwa Gate. For guests who are with us for two nights or more, we would travel to two other blocks - of the 5 blocks of Yala - that are less frequented. These two blocks are known to have a very good leopard and bear population. Your jeep will probably be the only jeep or one of the very few, in these less ventured sections of Yala National Park. If there is a full day Yala Safari, we are able to provide a wholesome lunch served inside the Park, without returning to the campsite. This saves time and energy spent on travelling back and forth to the camp for lunch. However, clients have the option to go back for their meal and return for the evening safari, after enjoying an exquisite lunch at the camp.

Scenic Nature in Yala Park Sri Lanka
Chef at work in Mahoora safari camp

Unique Holistic Living Experience

The complete Mahoora Living Experience with our professional team is a unique and holistic experience and not just an accommodation option. Your time with us is curated from arrival to departure: complete with value additions plus safaris while conducted by some of the finest wildlife guides in Sri Lanka.Safari jeeps, expert jeep drivers, professional naturalists, special safari picnic packs, unique meal settings around the campfire and foot therapy after a safari - are just some of the services that make this experience special. When you stay with us for two or more nights, as part of the Mahoora Living Experience, we offer guided excursions to some of the most important historical, social and religious highlights in the area. It is all inclusive feature in the package price. Situlpawwa Temple; located deep inside the park, Katharagama Kovil and Wedacity Kanda are just some of those special places we will take you to.

Elephant bathing in a lake

Bespoke Safaris

We also provide customised safari experiences for our guests to accommodate their special aspirations / requirements / occasions. Family safaris, honeymoon safaris, photography safaris and birding safaris - are just some of the packages available, but a customised safari can be planned if you are looking for something unique. Likewise, if you or any of your loved ones are celebrating a special occasion, let us know as we will be very happy to create a memorable and total experience around it.

Yala Park Guides Instructing Guests

Our passionate homegrown guides

One of the most important aspects of a Yala National Park Safari is having the right kind of guide. Though wildlife is abundant, animals like the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Leopard and other big game, require the skills of an experienced and seasoned naturalist guide who knows about the movements of game throughout the Park at certain times - a facility which Mahoora provides for all the safaris. Our guides are attuned to knowing which section of the Park to be at and at what time, to maximise your sightings. Your assigned guide will have a discussion with you upon arrival and assist to plan the days you are with us to fulfil your safari aspirations and experience memorable moments.

Bespoke Safaris

Safari with Kids in Sri Lanka

Family Safari

What better way for a family to bond than in the wild! A family safari is an ideal way to enjoy Sri Lanka’s wilderness, whilst providing fun learning opportunities for children and young adults.
We also provide flexible times, special meals, and a private jeep. You and your family will enjoy an experience unlike any other with a range of family safaris and exciting adventures on offer!
  • Special meal plan for kids guided by a pre-submitted guest questionnaire.
  • Flexible meal times.
  • Exclusive jeep with seat belts and a driver who is experienced and specially trained to conduct a safari for kids.
  • A naturalist specifically trained to teach and interact with young kids.
  • Tents next to each other.
  • Spaces to relax, read and play during non-safari times.
  • Complimentary colouring books and art supplies.

Honeymoon Safari

It’s nothing short of an experience in intimacy intertwined with nature. We welcome couples who seek serenity, privacy, and adventure – in nature and its surroundings – in an extra special way.

Enjoy 24/7 personalised safari honeymoon butler service, a private safari experience complete with an intimate picnic, a special suite-tent and dining decor with atmospheric lamps for romantic ambience, champagne under a canopy of bright forest stars, a romantic safari and more.

Looking for specific Safari Tours in Sri Lanka? Contact us so we may create one just for you!

Honeymoon Safari in Yala Park Sri Lanka

Mahoora Mobile Tented Safari Camps offer you the chance to experience an adventure which will dazzle, inspire and astonish. 
Choose from many locations and enjoy them with a team of individuals who set the benchmark for safari camping in Sri Lanka.


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