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About Us

Our origin

Mahoora, Sri Lanka's true pioneers in elite tented safaris and wildlife tours, comes under the umbrella of Eco Team (Pvt) Ltd's unique portfolio of products.

Creating the Mahoora Legend…

As the pioneers of this field in Sri Lanka since its inception in 1998, our team is the most experienced.

For us, this is not a job, it is a passion! Your enjoyment is our primary concern, and we will willingly go that extra mile for you.

Being a group of award-winning and like-minded people with a true spirit for nature and adventure, we have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal. Through many seasons of operating adventure and nature excursions, we know where all the exciting and unusual attractions are.

Mahoora Naturalists: where vocation is considered a vacation

The Mahoora camps are designed to inspire and captivate clients with unique experiences out in the wild while educating them on the inner workings of their natural surroundings.

We have assembled an impressive team of dedicated resident naturalists and guides who are committed to providing visitors with the most unforgettable learning experience in the wild. With decades of experience and an undying passion for nature under their belts, they ensure that your brief spell in the arms of nature is both memorable and eye-opening.

Every member of the team has lived and breathed Sri Lankan wildlife while armed with a degree or a diploma connected to the field. Their vast knowledge in all aspects of nature and more specifically the locations you visit on our tours will ensure that you get all the best information on the various exotic species of flora and fauna you encounter.

From the majestic leopards that roam the national parks to the endemic birds that flock to the sanctuaries, they have the expert facts on all things wild. You can add to that their deep understanding of the history, culture and terrain of the areas you visit and you have the complete package.

Our team of naturalists will ensure you see the best of Sri Lanka’s highlights and learn all there is to know about them in the process.

Mahoora Camping – Ethically Luxurious

Mahoora Carbon Free Wildlife Camping Safari Experience in Sri Lanka…

By choosing Mahoora you will not only enjoy a world class luxury tented safari experience, you will also directly be making a substantial contribution to our conservation efforts to protect Sri Lanka’s natural habitats and endangered species. Additionally you will also be contributing to uplifting rural community tourism initiatives supported by Mahoora.


Reducing our Carbon Footprint …

We became the world’s first operationally carbon-neutral "pack in - pack out" luxury tented safari operation by the end of 2011.


Mahoora Carbon Neutral Tented CampingEnabling Carbon Neutral Camping Holidays

The value creation process through the adoption of a climate change strategy

Mahoora Safari Camps climate change awareness campaign



Our conservation efforts

Mahoora contributes 1% of its revenue to the Sri Lanka Wilderness Foundation to work on selected projects such as minimising leopard deaths due to the human leopard conflict.

Doing business ethically

We at Mahoora aim to lead by example, and we ensure that our business has long term benefits for our local communities, the environment and our customers. The philosophy of Mahoora is to develop and promote, ethical, responsible and sustainable luxury tented holidays, thereby creating jobs and income for our communities, whilst at the same time minimizing our impact on the environment and our planet’s natural resources. We have developed our own Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy, as a guide to our continuing journey.


Eco Team Environment and Social Responsibility Policy