The World's Best

Wilderness and Safari Experience outside Africa.

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Roam with Sri Lankan Leopards,

Elephants, Sloth Bears and more..

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The World's first and only

Carbon Neutral Safari Camp

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The world’s most immersive

Sri Lanka safari experience.

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The pioneer since 1998
world's first carbon neutral tented camps
family friendly camping
Mahoora Yala incuded amongst world's top 10 most romantic safari lodges
best small accommodation provider at sri lanka tourism awrds 2018
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Mahoora Tented Safari is the ultimate experience of authentic,
mobile- adventure in Sri Lankan wilderness.

Dining experience at Mahoora campsites

Best safari destination outside Africa - Forbes

We have been working on conserving wildlife of Sri Lanka for the last two decades, offering some exceptional safari experiences in our award-winning camps located in 12 different national parks and nature reserves across Sri Lanka.   

Choose from dry monsoon forests, savannah grasslands, fresh and saltwater wetlands, or misty mountains and enjoy living in them with a team of individuals who have set the benchmark for mobile safari camping in Sri Lanka.

Experience places of beguiling remoteness with three different camping options.

Your bespoke wildlife adventure is about to begin.

What does it really mean? Mahoora?

To the ancient Veddah tribe, one of the earliest known inhabitants of Sri Lanka, a Very Very Important Person (VVIP) was Maha-Hoora; meaning “The Great One”. 


Mahoora Elite & Explorer the Bespoke Tented Safari Camp Concept, blends exceptional service fit for royalty or ‘The Great One’, with a uniquely indigenous touch in the remote and genuine wilderness. From full course dinners to personal butler services, we ensure an unforgettable experience in the wild.

the very very important person was Maha Hoora

11 diverse locations 2 comfort levels

11 diverse locations 3 comfort levels to “11 diverse locations 2 comfort levels” All Mahoora Elite Campsites border Sri Lanka’s most popular National Parks and are maintained as mini nature reserves that go deeper than homing wildlife; this is also a sanctuary for families with kids, couples, and wildlife enthusiasts looking for soulful magic and adventure in the wild. All Explorer by Mahoora Campsites are located deep inside less frequented National Parks and Nature Reserves, giving you a private safari holiday of your dreams. Whether you choose Mahoora Elite or Explorer, you enjoy a secret safari by simply sitting by your tent and getting better acquainted with everything from Giant Squirrels to Spotted Deer passing by.

THe map of Mahoora elite and Explorer by Mahoora campsites in sri lanka

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Carbon Neutrality, Empowering Local Communities, Sustainability & Eco Tourism Sri Lanka

We are Sri Lanka's first Carbon Neutral Safari Camp since the year 2010, certified by Carbon Credit Capital LLC - USA. That means your stay at Mahoora has no negative impact on the environment in terms of CO2 emission.

Additionally, accommodation has been built on an eco-friendly foundation – metaphorically and literally; along with a no plastic policy, we use EMT (Effective Micro-organism Technology) to manage our waste at campsites, solar power to generate electricity, and less artificial lights to minimise light pollution. We also work close with local communities, empowering them with a way to make a living without disrupting their way of life, whilst providing you with an authentic cultural experience. We ensure that everything we do has lasting, long-term benefits for local communities, the environment and our guests.

Best Rates Guaranteed

Mahoora Mobile Tented Safari Camps offer you the chance to experience an adventure which will dazzle, inspire and astonish.Choose from many locations and enjoy them with a team of individuals who set the benchmark for safari camping in Sri Lanka.