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  • Wildlife Sri Lanka
  • Wildlife Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s “Big Five”



Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is the best place on the planet for spotting and photographing leopards in the wild. In certain parts of Yala, the average density is as high as one leopard per square kilometre.


Asian Elephant

The Gathering of Elephants in Minneriya National Park is the largest annually recurring concentration of wild elephants in the world. It is 6th on Lonely Planet’s “Top Ten Wildlife Spectacles of the World”.


Sloth Bear

Wilpattu and Yala National Parks are the best sites in the world for observing the slow-moving sloth bear, recognised for their distinctive yellow v-shaped markings on their chest. Incredibly, the sloth bear can be heard from 300 yards away as he sucks up insects to eat – an experience not to be missed.

Blue Whale

Mirissa and Trincomalee are the two best locations in the world for seeing Blue Whales as they follow their annual migratory route during the months of November through to April.


Sperm Whale

Kalpitiya Peninsula on Sri Lanka’s west coast is amongst the top ten sites in the world for seeing these majestic giants of the ocean on their long migratory route.

Sri Lanka Safari Experience

If you are longing for something different, Mahoora provides additional options to a range of safari adventures. For the true adventurer or the wildlife enthusiast, Mahoora can provide specialist nature guides, specific animal tours, and even rugged walking excursions.
The best outbound vehicles, that are geared to handle rough terrain, are provided for your comfort and safety.
Mahoora Safaris include a sumptuous picnic basket and an unlimited supply of chilled beverages for your enjoyment. No Mahoora Safari would be complete without the company of a qualified Mahoora Naturalist and a dedicated ranger from the Wildlife Department, to ensure the best animal sightings and interpretations.

Sri Lanka Wildlife Experience


Mahoora Yala

The best location in the world for seeing and photographing leopards! The Park is a varied matrix of thorn scrub, freshwater bodies, riverine forest, shorelines and lagoons, sandy beaches and rocky outcrops. It is one the best National Parks in the world for viewing wildlife.

Mahoora Udawalawe

Probably the only place in the world where you are guaranteed to see a wild elephant on every game drive. Elephant Safari Udawalawe is ideal for watching elephant behaviour in very close quarters!

Mahoora Wilpattu

One of the best location that promises much to the adventurous soul. The sightings include observing the Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Leopard and the  Sri Lankan Sloth Bear.

Explorer by Mahoora Minneriya

The Gathering of Elephants in Minneriya (Kaudulla) National Park is the largest, seasonally recurring concentration of wild elephants in the world. It has been officially recognised by Lonely Planet as being amongst the Top Ten Wildlife Spectacles in the World. Minneriya National Park has a diverse variety of trees and plant life, and at least 160 bird species.

Explorer by Mahoora Wasgamuwa

The lush forests by the Mahaweli River offer the classic mix of wildlife - Asian elephants, leopards, sloth bears, axis deer, and toque macaques.

Explorer by Mahoora Kumana

Famous for its nesting water-birds and wide variety of migratory waterfowl and wading birds, an incredible 255 species of birds have been recorded in Kumana, Sri Lanka.
Additionally, the Kumana area is home to an ancient civilization with ancient rock inscriptions dating back to the 2nd and 1st century BC.

Explorer by Mahoora Gal Oya

With a mixture of evergreen forest and savannah plains surrounding the vast lake, Gal Oya is home to 32 species of mammals. The Gal Oya National Park is also the only National Park in Sri Lanka offering boat safaris.

Explorer by Mahoora Bundala

This coastal sanctuary is a top spot for keen birders in search of water-birds, with up to 100 species being recorded, and 50% being endemic. The thorn scrub habitat is also home to many mammals, saltwater crocodiles and mugger crocodiles.es.

Explorer by Mahoora Dambana Veddah Village

There is still a population of Sri Lanka's indigenous people in Dambana following a unique traditional lifestyle. Observe how the Veddahs live without modern conveniences, with the opportunity to join them on a mock hunt.

Explorer by Mahoora Maduru Oya

Beautifully landscaped Maduru Oya National Park is sanctuary for elephants a midst five reservoirs.  It is also the home to a secluded community of fishermen who thrive on freshwater fishing.

Explorer by Mahoora Sinharaja

It is one of the last remaining and least disturbed biodiversity hotspots in Sri Lanka and world heritage of endemism where , encountering rare sightings of fauna and flora is a common occurance.


Five things you should know about wildlife in Sri Lanka


1. Best for Big Five Safaris outside Africa

Sri Lanka is best known for not only its beautiful beaches, but forests and wildlife. It's “Big Five” are the Asian Elephant, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Sperm Whale, and Blue Whale. Few countries can rival the unique combination of Big Five safari animals, species densities, and tourism infrastructure – Sri Lanka is undoubtedly the ultimate island safari.

2. Best for Blue Whales and Top Ten for Sperm Whales

Sri Lanka is best known for experiencing Blue Whales, the largest animal that has ever lived on earth. Kalpitiya is amongst the top ten sites in the world for observing the Sperm Whale – the biggest toothed whale. Mirissa and Trincomalee offer the best Blue Whale viewing experience in the world, while, additionally, Mirissa is your best bet at seeing both Sperm Whales and Blue Whales on the same sailing.

3. The Gathering of Elephants

The largest seasonally recurring concentration of wild elephants takes place between August and October in Minneriya (Kaudulla) National Park. Over 300 elephants gather on the drying lake bed! The spectacle is listed by Lonely Planet as among the Top Ten Wildlife Spectacles in the World.

Udawalawe National Park is the only place in the world where wild elephants are guaranteed on every game drive.

4. Best for Leopards

Yala National Park is the best place on the planet for seeing and photographing leopards in the wild. Some areas in Block 1 of the Park have an average density of one leopard per square kilometre.

5. Sinharaja Bird Wave

The Sinharaja Bird Wave is the largest and longest studied mixed feeding flock of birds in the world. Up to 41 individuals have been recorded in one flock.

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