Private Tented Safari Camping in Bundala National Park

1 Night/ 2 Days

Private Tented Safari Camping in Bundala National Park

1 Night/ 2 Days

A distinctively rustic and unscripted experience, living immersed in Sri Lankan wildlife - is what you can expect with Explorer by Mahoora, across the country inside the National Parks and Nature Reserves. Our Private Tented Safari Camp in Bundala.

The campsite at Bundala brims with adventure: skirting the back of the camp, the sandy white beach beckons you a mere 100 metres away, whilst the front boasts of the lagoon. A wetland, Bundala has been recognised as a Ramsar site given the rich biodiversity of this forest and is home to numerous varieties of birds and provided a temporary stop for migratory birds seeking warmer climes during the winter. Surrounded by palm trees, shrubs and a forest that prizes its roaming residents, the Explorer by Mahoora Camp in Bundala promises a fine adventure.

In the midst of wilderness, some indulgence cannot be a sin: take your seat on the beach and snuggle your feet in the white silky sands that fringe the tranquil lagoon, while we take you on a culinary journey. Prepared on site, a meticulously crafted menu, showcasing international and local cuisine and a variety of local fruit, is served with a fine range of beverages. With the flames of traditional torches to add to the star-lit night, you are set to enjoy a pleasant evening.

Our dedication to detail extends to Explorer by Mahoora accommodation, with a spacious tent ((15.6’x8’) serviced with a living area, bedroom and an en-suite bathroom, along with a private veranda/porch outside the tent. A tent designed to give you comfort, it comes carpeted and in rustic vibrant hues of colour - surrounded by the sounds of the Bundala National Park.

  • Arrival at the pre-agreed meeting location at 12.30 p.m.

  • Drive to Explorer by Mahoora campsite situated inside the Bundala National Park in a 4WD safari jeep.

  • Lunch.

  • Evening jeep Safari at Bundala National Park at 2.30 p.m.

  • Return to the campsite for BBQ dinner around the campfire.

Bundala National Park

Covering an area of 6216 hectares, Bundala is located about 250 kilometres southeast of Colombo in the Hambantota district. The Park falls within the southeastern arid zone of Sri Lanka, with a general climate that can be classified as hot and dry. The terrain is generally flat with sand dunes bordering the coastline, and vegetation consists mainly of dry thorny scrublands and lagoons. A total of 383 plant species have been recorded from the Park, including 6 endemic and 7 species considered as nationally threatened. The Park is also home to 32 different species of mammals, 5 of which are classified as threatened.

For keen birdwatchers, the complex wetland system harbours a rich bird life (approximately 197 species), including several species of migratory waterfowl. Recognition of the Park’s prolific portfolio of birds and migratory waterfowl, its biodiversity and ecosystems, led to this wetland Park being declared Sri Lanka's first 'Ramsar' wetland, as well as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2005.

Bundala National Park is also home to a fishing community who make their living through inland fishing. The influence of climatic factors, extreme rainfall, droughts and sea water intrusion, have had a long lasting impact on inland fishing; influencing the lives of the community.

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