Mahoora Elite Camps - Wilpattu National Park


Wilpattu is yours to discover

Wilpattu is yours to discover

It’s not just safaris! Experience exciting Mahoora Value Additions, entirely free of charge. Learn more about nature and the natives, take a stroll to the village and go for a bath in the lake, or bask in comfort and relaxation at the campsite, exclusively for guests who stay with us for 2 nights or more.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > “Happy Feet” Scented Foot Bath

The ultimate post-safari relaxation therapy; kick off your safari shoes and sit at your own private space for a soothing and luxurious foot bath with scented warm water. Unwind and enjoy VVIP treatment personalised to your taste.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Chef in the Wild Masterclass

Ever made an Egg Hopper or Sri Lankan Chicken Curry? Enjoy a hands-on cultural culinary experience, with village-style clay pots to special utensils, as you cook alongside our executive chef. Sample vibrant and bold spices, taste fresh herbs and local condiments, and master the art of cooking like a true Sri Lankan.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Nature Walks & Day Walks

The Mahoora Campsite is teeming with 4-acres of boisterous wildlife. Enjoy a stroll with our naturalist on a path overwhelmed with butterflies until you reach a lake adorned with the blur of birds.

Sightings in and around camp:

Elephants, Jungle Cats, Fishing Cats, Giant Squirrels, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Porcupines, Pangolins, Loris, Black-naped Hares, Mongooses, Land Monitors, 27 species of Snakes, 125 species of Birds, and 47 species of butterflies.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Sunset Walk to Palugaswewa Lake

Enjoy an evening walk to the infamous Palugaswewa Lake, frequented by playful elephants looking for a drink or swim! Your journey starts from camp around 4:30pm and winds through a little village and Chena Cultivation. At the lake, enjoy quietly spying on elephants and forest birds while all the world is submerged in a vivid sunset. By the time you get back to camp it would be around 6pm, just in time for tea.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Village Walk & Lake Bath

Take the road less travelled by tourists and often travelled by locals, and explore a quaint little village in Katupathwewa. Meet the locals, peek into their humble abodes and even share a cup of tea with them! You will surely enjoy an immersive rural village experience in Wilpattu here, before heading towards the scenic Katupathwewa Lake. Filled with birdlife, the sunlit lake waters is the ideal respite on a hot day! Cool off with a swim or sit by the banks and watch for eagles, owls and water birds with a cold drink from our portable cooler. Afterwards, head back to camp for a hearty lunch.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > A Full Day excursion inside the National Park

Halve travel time and enjoy a full day inside the Wilpattu National Park, complete with breakfast, lunch and tea in the wild!


Departure from Camp at 5:30am after tea and cookies.

Enter the Park with a full breakfast which is packed.

Breakfast will be served in an appropriate place inside the Park between 8:45am – 9:15am.

After breakfast, the morning safari continues till around 11:00am – 11:15am.

You will be driven to a place where you could relax till lunch time.

Lunch will be brought in another Jeep and served around 1pm.

The afternoon safari starts at 2:30pm and continues till 6:15pm with a tea break in-between.

Arrival time back at Camp would be around 6:30pm.

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