Mahoora Elite Camps - Yala National Park

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Mahoora Elite Camps - Yala National Park

Experience more sightings and

value additions but lesser crowds.

Experience more sightings and

Mahoora Elite in Yala spans 10-acres of private dry zone forest, bordering the elephant fence of the Yala National Park itself. The campsite includes a picturesque pond with tall reeds and pathways overwhelmed with giant squirrels, birds, butterflies, and reptiles… including a visiting crocodile.

Apart from experiencing and living in Sri Lanka’s Largest Safari Tent, enjoy the campsite’s other highlights which includes the Recreation Lounge & Common Area, and Stargazing Observation Deck overlooking Yala National Park.

A bespoke adventure awaits you at Mahoora Tented Safari Camps Yala, one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic wildlife zones bordering the Yala National Park.

Experience more sightings and

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Unique Advantages of Mahoora Elite – Yala

The Mahoora Tented Safari Camp Yala is located bordering the Yala National Park with a 20 minute drive to the Parkʼs less frequented ticket office at Katagamuwa. This saves significantly on your travel time (traveling back and forth from the park) in addition to saving valuable safari time. We could be the first group to go in and the last to come out. This route to the park entrance is interestingly done through a sanctuary and we frequently experience having very good sightings on this stretch too. As we are located adjacent to the Parkʼs boundary, it feels more like living inside the park. There is plenty of wildlife within the campsite which is managed as a mini nature reserve where we have even occasionally experienced seeing elephants and leopards. Our strategic location gives us easy access to the two lesser frequented blocks of Yala National Park that have great sightings, which we patronise with 2 or more nights stay guests.

Our safari camp is located on the eastern border of Yala National Park, neighboring a village with local residents to the west. There are farmlands and a few guest houses to the north and south. While the surroundings are generally quiet, you may occasionally hear the sounds of a religious ceremony or a local gathering from a distance, especially if loudspeakers are being used. This is part of the local culture, and we appreciate your understanding. The camp has a supply of earplugs available upon request in such situations.

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