Mahoora Elite Camps - Wilpattu National Park

All-inclusive Private Tented Safari Camp Experience - Wilpattu

Mahoora Elite Camps - Wilpattu National Park

All-inclusive Private Tented

Safari Camp Experience - Wilpattu

Live in an intimate, 8-acre private wildlife sanctuary which combines the wilderness of a dry zone forest with modern-day comforts. Mahoora Elite in Wilpattu is set where elephants, jungle cats and barking deer roam nearby, and a collector’s edition of birds and butterflies gather by the camp’s lake which is surrounded by a bush forest. Fall asleep in Sri Lanka’s Largest Safari Tent with forest stars lining the skies, and wake up to a private sunrise and a cup of tea in a secluded patch of forest life.

A bespoke wildlife experience immersed in modern-day charm awaits you at Mahoora Tented Safari Camps Wilpattu, at one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic wildlife zones bordering the Wilpattu National Park.

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Unique Advantages of Mahoora Elite – Wilpattu

Mahoora Wilpattu is visited by elephants and has a very rich birdlife. It’s located closer to the southern boundary of Wilpattu National Park, adjoining a lake, and is surrounded by a bush forest. Enjoy alfresco meals near the lake, surrounded by the serenity of nature.

Our safari camp is situated on the eastern boundary of a beautiful lake in close proximity to Wilpattu National Park. It neighbors a village with local residents to the west, and there are farmlands to the north and south. While the surroundings are generally quiet, you may occasionally hear the sounds of a religious ceremony or a local gathering from a distance, especially if loudspeakers are being used. This is part of the local culture, and we appreciate your understanding. The camp has a supply of earplugs available upon request in such situations.

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Mahoora Mobile Tented Safari Camps offer you the chance to experience an adventure which will dazzle, inspire and astonish.Choose from many locations and enjoy them with a team of individuals who set the benchmark for safari camping in Sri Lanka.