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Udawalawe is yours to discover

Udawalawe is yours to discover

It’s not just safaris! Experience exciting Mahoora Value Additions, entirely free of charge. Learn more about nature and the natives, go cycling by the paddy fields, or bask in comfort and relaxation at the campsite, exclusively for guests who stay with us for 2 nights or more.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > “Happy Feet” Scented Foot Bath

The ultimate post-safari relaxation therapy; kick off your safari shoes and sit at your own private space for a soothing and luxurious foot bath with scented warm water. Unwind and enjoy VVIP treatment personalised to your taste.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Chef in the Wild Masterclass

Ever made an Egg Hopper or Sri Lankan Chicken Curry? Enjoy a hands-on cultural culinary experience, with village-style clay pots to special utensils, as you cook alongside our executive chef. Sample vibrant and bold spices, taste fresh herbs and local condiments, and master the art of cooking like a true Sri Lankan.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Nature Walks & Day Walks

The Mahoora Campsite is teeming with 12-acres of animated wildlife. Enjoy a stroll with our naturalist by the forest lake, rock cliff, and around the campsite.

Popular sightings in and around camp:

Elephants, Wild Boar, Star Tortoises, Peacocks, Hornbills, Jungle Cats, Grey Langurs, Toque Macaques, Civets, Black-naped Hares, Ruddy Mongooses, Land Monitors, non-venomous snakes, and numerous species of birds and butterflies.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > A Scenic Cycling Adventure

Enjoy an 8km guided cycling experience in Udawalawe with our naturalist! Explore the Singhalayagama Lake flourishing with birds and butterflies of all sizes and colours, cycle alongside miles of paddy fields and through sleepy villages, then take a break on the banks of the iconic Mahawewa Lake before heading back to camp.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Birdwatching at Singhalayagama Lake

Enjoy a casual 4km evening walk to the Singhalayagama Lake, easily a birders paradise. Once you’ve checked off your birdwatching bucket list, take an alternative route back to camp through a paddy field, village, and vegetable patch at sundown. On arrival back at camp, you’ll be right on time for tea.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > A Full Day excursion inside the National Park

Halve travel time and enjoy a full day inside the Udawalawe National Park, complete with breakfast, lunch and tea in the wild!


  • Departure from Camp at 5:30am after tea and cookies.

  • Enter the Park with a full breakfast which is packed.

  • Breakfast will be served in an appropriate place inside the Park between 8:45am – 9:15am.

  • After breakfast, the morning safari continues till around 11:00am – 11:15am.

  • You will be driven to a place where you could relax till lunch time.

  • Lunch will be brought in another Jeep and served around 1pm.

  • The afternoon safari starts when you’re ready and continues till 6:15pm with a tea break in-between.

  • Arrival time back at Camp would be around 6:30pm.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Night Walks & Night Drives

Enjoy a moonlight walk or drive with our naturalist through the camp and its borders, as nocturnal animals emerge from their habitats. Follow the unblinking green eyes with your camera or torch and you might just recognise the elusive Pangolin, Loris, or Mouse Deer!

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Kids Treasure Hunt & Board Games

Mahoora welcomes families of all sizes! We offer a range of entertainment and activities for kids at our Recreation Lounge & Common Area, as well as the camp and its borders for Treasure Hunts. All activities are supervised and curated by our naturalists and camp staff.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Painters Paradise

Evocative landscapes, expressive skies, and curious wildlife is a muse like no other. Retreat into your canvas amidst the quiet tranquillity of nature, and we will provide you with the rest – an easel, paint, paper and pencils.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Photography

Wild boars rolling in cold mud, leopards sunbathing on black rocks, the kinetic blur of a scared spotted deer, elephants ambling across from you… it’s a moment destined to be on film, and we make sure you get that perfect shot every time.

The Mahoora Jeep

Exclusive, comfortable and a specially modified jeep that is designed having the photographer in mind.

The jeep has 3 lines of elevated seats fitted into an extended body, making height better for that perfect shot as well as providing comfortable leg space for those long waits.

The fully opened front (not covered by a glass) is a definite advantage with the steel bar on the hood that can hold your bean bag.

Side bars are placed strategically to not obstruct game view, with the added advantage of fixing your monopod on to it.

The Mahoora Experts

We provide a specialist game driver, with years of safari driving experience, previously booked by numerous world famous photographers.

We also provide a professional naturalist who will add value to your photography exploits by spotting the “little details” and tailor the safari based on your preferences.

All-inclusive Value Additions & Activities > Bluetooth Films

Ask our staff about our Bluetooth Movie Night! We’re happy to set you up with a screen, bean bags and special Bluetooth Headsets for you to kick back with a movie on full volume without disturbing other guests.

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