Explorer by Mahoora Camps - Wasgamuwa

Explorer by Mahoora Camps - Wasgamuwa

Welcome to the most authentic “roughing-it in great style” experience Sri Lanka has to offer. Your private camp in the wilderness of the Wasgamuwa National Park, is a return to the simplicity and authenticity of safari life, save for a few 21st century comforts.

It’s camping but without having to let go of the creature comforts or attentive service that is intrinsic to a Mahoora Experience. Explorer by Mahoora is particularly appealing to those in search of an opportunity to connect up-close with the earth and wildlife in a way they have never done before, in wonderful seclusion.

Isolation lends itself to privacy for an intimate experience with nature, making it really just you and nature, with no traces of civilisation. Only 3 tents can be constructed for guests, with a maximum occupancy of 3 guests per campout.

With a private naturalist, chef, and camp staff, unique excursions safaris may be as long or as short as you choose, and adventurous experiences await.

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Return to real safari camping

Going on a Sri Lankan safari holiday in the wilderness is therapeutic on its own, but living in the 36,900 hectare dry evergreen forest of the Wasgamuwa National Park, is simply something out of a novel. Dip your feet into the cold stream by your tent for a wildlife ‘fish spa’ on lazy afternoons, experience a choir of birds singing your blues away, enjoy a floating breakfast on an elevated terrace, clink with pre-lunch drinks as you take a seat at your private submerged dining room, see ruins of a lost civilisation on game drives with a stop-over at warm rocks by a lake for a sunset picnic.

Are you ready to truly escape into a world of blissful wilderness?

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Living Experience

Explorer by Mahoora is a highly unique and immersive experience of living with untamed Sri Lankan wildlife inside National Parks and Nature Reserves across the country. Living in the Explorer by Mahoora Camp at Wasgamuwa National Park is refreshing to both the body and soul. The campsite itself is located by the side of a gently flowing stream which creates a genuinely therapeutic effect that carries away any feeling of fatigue. Trees of varied heights and sizes are a wonderful setting for an artist's masterpiece. They are also home and playground to numerous bird species, as they melodiously sing away.

Mornings are wonderfully refreshing as sun rays creep through entwined trees. The gloomy skies too can be energising, as cool breeze flicks away fallen leaves.

Afternoons are simply joyful, as the weather remains comfortable and not too humid and warm. Breaks between wildlife safaris lets you explore idyllic places to relax in; just pick up your camera, binoculars or a notepad and wander around the banks to birdwatch in seclusion. If you are in the mood for a ‘fish spa’, simply take a chilled drink along and dip your feet in clear, massaging waters, and let Mother Nature take care of you.

accommodation at explorer by mahoora wasgamuwa camps in sri lanka

The Explorer by Mahoora Living Experience combines rustic with modern. Enjoy a spacious, tented safari camp accommodation which includes:

  • A fully-sealed tent (15.6”x 8”) with ventilation nets for added comfort

  • A cosy bedroom with mattresses and raised double beds

  • En-suite bathroom with complimentary toiletries, showering facilities using pipe-borne cold running water, and a flushable toilet

  • Freshly laundered bed linens and towels

  • Private veranda / porch outside the tent

  • Flashlight / torch, slippers and an umbrella

  • A shoe rack, 2 foldable arm-chairs and a coffee table

  • Unlimited glass-bottled water

Due to the nature of the jungle environment, a standby generator is available for charging laptops and cameras on request. There is no electricity in the tent.

Your stay with us will always be eco-friendly and carbon neutral.

dinning experience at explorer by mahoora wasgamuwa camps in sri lanka
Dining Experience

Unique opportunities are available for every meal at Explorer by Mahoora Wasgamuwa. Be simply amazed by ‘breakfast on air’ as we serve you a fusion of local and continental spread on an elevated terrace. Imagine the thrill of being in the air while you take a bite of your morning toast!

Lunch service with Explorer by Mahoora at Wasgamuwa is yet another adventurous and intimate experience. The gentle waters of the stream act as a spa under your feet while we serve you mouth-watering culinary specialities. We are happy to provide you ample time to enjoy the thrill and joy of this unique experience. Take your time and relish your pre-lunch drinks in a natural spa.

Dinner is almost always special. The roaring campfire is the place to stretch your feet after a long adventurous day, accompanied by a glass of wine or beer. As the roaring fire gently turns into flickering flames, let go and give into true wilderness escapism, while we take care of your culinary desires with our chef’s specialities on the BBQ grill.

Your wild dining is set up within the campsite, and meals are freshly prepared on-site by our executive chef using the freshest fruits and vegetables from the local community. Fish and meat items are purchased from local fishermen and a reputable food supplier respectively. A BBQ Dinner takes place on one night while à la carte meals – both Sri Lankan and Western – are served at other times.

The camp has a fully-equipped kitchen complete with modern cooling and freezing facilities. Special dietary requirements can be catered to upon prior notice. Menus are deliciously local and carefully designed for your palate, so your culinary journey complements the rest of your safari vacation adventure.

Game Drives

There are 2 Sri Lanka Wildlife Safaris available each day. The early morning safari starts at 6am and ends at approximately 10am, whilst the late afternoon / sunset safari takes place from 3pm until approximately 6pm. Unlimited safaris can be arranged upon prior request for special photography / filming purposes. The aforementioned Sri Lanka safari tour times are the best viewing times for wildlife in the parks, as most animals retreat inside the forests from mid-morning until mid-afternoon.

We use special jeeps with front facing, cushioned seats on three different levels* for maximum animal viewing and photography opportunities. A complimentary picnic basket with sandwiches and hot & cold beverages is provided on the morning safari, and complimentary hot & cold beverages are provided on the afternoon safari.

Wasgamuwa National Park is a haven for wildlife in Sri Lanka and home to many species of rare birds such as the Blue-faced Malkoha, Drongo Cuckoos, Jackerbin Cuckoos, and Black Wing Kites to name a few. Mammoth elephants that regularly roam in the Park set the backdrop to any wildlife safari. It is also home to Sloth Bears. The leopard is no exception to the highlights of the safari tour, although rare and elusive, it nevertheless leaves its pug marks all over the roads – a strong reminder of its hidden presence.

Game Drives

These exhilarating wildlife safari tours are not confined to just animals. Wasgamuwa National Park is a beauty by itself; the mountains act as a backdrop while tall trees, grasslands and marshy lakes provide a range of diversity and colourful scenery to travellers.

We take extra care to make you a delicious picnic breakfast. You get to enjoy this by a beautiful location picked by our naturalist, so that you can savour and enjoy your breakfast in nature; all you have to do is sit down and dig into the spread that includes freshly prepared fruit juice, tea, coffee and, of course, a full chef’s special breakfast spread.

Ready for your best safari in Sri Lanka?

* A range of Jeeps, both 2WD and 4WD are available. Depending on the National Park / Reserve and the safari routes used, the appropriate vehicle is chosen; it is not always necessary to use a 4WD vehicle. If guests require certain kinds of jeeps on special occasions such as a honeymoon safari or photography safari, prior notice must be given before confirmation of booking.

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Game Drives

Included in your package:
  • A personal chef and naturalist.

  • All meals; breakfast, lunch, high tea, and dinner. This includes snacks and juices.

  • Experienced, uniformed, professional and discreet staff.

  • A wealth of knowledge backed by over 20 years of experience as pioneers in the field of operating mobile camping.

  • All National Park / Nature Reserve fees, tracker's fees, taxes and service charges.

  • A unique lunch and dinner setting within the camp area i.e. beside a river or lake, under a canopy of jungle trees, on sand islands with floating candles etc.

  • Atmospheric lighting with a campfire, traditional oil lamps, and hurricane lamps.

Wasgamuwa National Park

Located centrally 58 kilometres north of Kandy is the picturesque Wasgamuwa National Park. The landscape of the Park is adorned by marshy lakes, tall winding trees, scrublands, semi evergreen forests, rivers, riverine forests and mixed evergreen forests. Two large rivers, Mahaweli and Kalu, along with Amban River and Muthiyangana Oya, border the National Park from all four sides.

Therefore it is the ideal habitat of many species of birds - both rare and common - that you are likely to come across. They include birds that are found in the wetlands, such as Purple Swamp Hen, Purple Heron, Woolly-Necked Stork and Lesser Adjutant. The taller trees are home to Black-winged Kites, Green Pigeon, Drongo Cuckoos, and Blue-faced Malkoha while Jackerbin Cuckoos hide behind the scrublands.

The widely spread grasslands become playing and mating fields for peacocks who try hard to convince their eligibility to flocks of peahens, appearing to largely ignore their advances. However, the dances they perform are eye candy for those who are on Sri Lankan Wildlife Safaris. Streams of Munias and Weaver birds fly frivolously across the grasslands in the late afternoons as well as in the mornings, as if there were no care in the world. Flocks of Blue- tailed Bee-eaters are a treat to the eye, as they sit on branches, or bathe in the sand in the middle of the travelling path.


Another mammoth resident of the Wasgamuwa National Park is the Sri Lankan Elephant, who is considered slightly larger in size and aggressive in behaviour in comparison to Sri Lankan Elephants found in other National Parks. This Elephant Safari in Sri Lanka is likely to let you see beautiful large herds of elephants in the swampy grasslands, enjoying luxurious mud baths in the late afternoons, while lonesome male elephants wander around.

The leopards in the Wasgamuwa National Park are rather elusive and tend to shy away from visitors. However, there are opportunities to see them, or, to catch a glimpse of Sloth Bears walking around looking for food. Research undertaken suggest that the density of Sloth Bears are comparatively higher in this National Park in Sri Lanka. The name ‘Wasgamuwa’ may suggest gathering of bears in the native Sinhala language.

Wasgamuwa National Park is 225 kilometres from Colombo. There are a number of access roads that reach the Park, although via Kandy is the most popular. Your ultimate holiday safari awaits.

people of the village at wasgamuwa in sri lanka
Border People

Surrounded by luscious land naturally irrigated by the ever flowing waters of the rivers, the bordering villages of Wasgamuwa National Park consists mostly of farming communities. Paddy cultivation is the most popular. As you travel towards the National Park, you are likely to see farmers engaging in cultivation at times using age old traditions.

Human-elephant conflict is inevitable due to proximity to the Wasgamuwa National Park, although you may come across elephant fences in many instances.


Wasgamuwa National Park is surrounded by historical events, as it was a part of the ancient Kingdoms over 2000 years ago. Remnants of both war and development can be seen within the National Park. Remains of a giant canal built by King Parakramabahu 1, in the 12th century, is visible in the north of the Wasgamuwa Park. Ancient pillars and ruins in the form of stones are found in several places in the Park, some of which can be seen during wildlife safari tours. A battlefield where King Dutugamunu and King Elara clashed is found in Yudaganapitiya. With a rather animated description by our naturalist, it can certainly recreate the scene – much to the thrill of travellers.

Starting from USD 490 per person

per night (minimum 2 persons.Need to book for 2 nights minimum )

All- inclusive with 4 safaris. Special rates are available for 3 to 6 persons.

Distance from cities - by road:

Kandy - 124 km travel time: 3 hrs 15 mins

Matale - 98 km travel time: 2 hrs 10 mins

Polonnaruwa - 101 km travel time: 2 hrs 10 mins

Dambulla - 77.2 km travel time: 1 hr 30 mins

Passikudah - 141 km travel time: 2 hrs 45 mins

Batticaloa - 163 km travel time: 3 hrs 05 mins

Best Rates Guaranteed

Mahoora Mobile Tented Safari Camps offer you the chance to experience an adventure which will dazzle, inspire and astonish.Choose from many locations and enjoy them with a team of individuals who set the benchmark for safari camping in Sri Lanka.